WordPress Dating Plugin : Описание и Отзывы — Description and Reviews

Описание специального Dating-плагина для WordPress, позволяющего создать сайт знакомств на основе этого движка.


Настройки — Features

Зона Пользователя — User Area

Поиск — Search

Пользователи могут искать других пользователей вашего сайта знакомств, задавая в качестве фильтра расстояние, почтовый индекс, город или страну.

Users can search for other members of your dating site. Search by distance, zip codes, cities and countries.

Расширенный поиск — Advanced Search

Расширенный поиск на сайте возможен по умолчанию с помощью функции поиска на основе всех параметров вашего профиля. Когда вы создаете в профиле новый параметр, он автоматически становится доступным в форме расширенного поиска.

Extend your default search by searching based on all your profile drop down questions. When you create a new profile question, that dynamically becomes available in the Advanced Search Area.

Рейтинг — Trending

Теперь вы можете увидеть в вашем профиле друзей, смайлики, знаки внимания, фаворитов и сообщения электронной почты. Это показывает вам, кто из ваших друзей пользуется наибольшей популярностью. Вы можете фильтровать информацию, задав в качестве фильтра пол (мужчина или женщина).

Now you can see what profiles have the most Friends, Winks, Flirts, Favorites and Emails. This shows you who is getting the most attention. You can filter it by gender as well.

Saved Search
Anytime you create a search, you can save it as a name and come back to it for quicker searches of previous saved searches.

Quick Search
With the Quick Search widget for the Left or Right Sidebar, your users can now search the dating site quickly.

Interest Cloud
Now your users can click on the Interest Cloud to find an Interest and see what profiles contain those Interests. You can also filter the Interest Cloud by gender.

Chat Module

Your users can now chat via the AJAX Chat module that is located in the sidebar and can be put on the right or left sidebar area.

Skype Chat Integration

Now your users can Skype back and forth with each other via their profile view.

What’s Happening Graph

Now your users can see all the profile views, winks, favorites and friends data in a nice ajax graph chart.

Instant Messenger

Now included in the software is Userplane.com Live Video Instant Messenger. Now your members can talk one on one via their webcams.
All you need to do is setup your Userplane.com account.


Your users can send Flirts to other members. You as the admin set the Flirts that the members can send. A drop box dynamically appears for users to select Flirts from. When a Flirt is sent, the receiving member receives the flirt in their internal inbox and an outside email notification is sent.

Mobile Dating

Now you can capture all the mobile users that come to your site. The new mobile dating software allows all iPhone and Android mobile phones to view your dating site on a newly designed theme specially designed for all mobile devices.

Media Streaming

Your members can upload Photos, Galleries, Audio Files and Video Files. Audio and Video files are streamed from the users profile page.

My Friends

Your users can add other users as Friends. Any Friend that is added will automatically become available in the «To» field when composing a new email.

I Viewed & Viewed Me

Now your users don’t have to worry about finding those profiles they have viewed. Simply click on «I Viewed» to get a list of all the profiles you have looked at. You can also see who’s viewing your profile. This is great to see who’s been checking you out.

Matching Tools

Based on the Profile Questions, your users can get a list of profiles that match what they might be looking for. Each new profile question you add because dynamically available for the matching component.

Simple Registration

User simply have to enter a username and their email address and a password is automatically sent to them. This assures that email addresses are correct. Once they get their password then they can login and change that temp password or keep it.

Rate My Profile

Now users can rate other profiles. When you view a profile you can rate it on a number from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. Profile Rate Results are also displayed.

Who’s Online

This will show all the users that are currently logged into the system. You can filter it by gender and age.


All members will get alerts when they login. Alerts are made up of new Friends, Emails, Winks and more.

Grouped Emails

Now users don’t have to scroll down to find the email from a user. All emails are now grouped by user. Simply click on the user to see all the emails that have been sent/received.

Member Blocking

Members can block other members from emailing them. This is a great tool for your members in the event that they don’t want to receive an email from that member.

User Privacy

Your users can now set their own Privacy Options to allow for Everyone or Friends Only. These are set for viewing profiles, photos, galleries, audio and video.

Online Filter

Now you can filter Who’s Online by gender. This is great for users that don’t want to see their same gender in the Online area.

Easy Upgrade

Your users can now have the ability to have Easy Upgrade where they select the Premium Membership that they want and then are taking to Paypal to pay with either a Credit Card or PayPal.

Accessibility Presets

Users have the ability to turn off being emailed as well as turning off being added as a friend.

Report Profile

Now if a user notices a spam profile or a profile that is inappropriate then they can report that profile and the admin will be alerted to it.

Enhanced Email

Users can now have an enhanced email inbox complete with compose, sent items and deleted items. Users can email directly from a users profile.

Spam Control

Now you can filter out spammers words in emails that are sent. For example, if a user emails another member and talks about Nigeria, Millions, Bank Account, those words can be filtered out.

Integrated Blogs

Now your users can blog. This feature lets them write blogs and those blogs will appear on their profile. Admins have full control over the blogs and can remove spam blogs.

Зона Администратора — Admin Area

Custom Profiles

In the admin area, you can setup your own profile questions. Setup drop down questions or text box questions. All drop down questions become dynamically available in advanced search.

Manual Approval

If you want to manually approve all profiles, photos, galleries, audio and video, then you can set it to Manual Approve in the admin area.


Now you can block and ban unwanted users to your site. When a user is Blacklisted, their IP is recorded and they are banned from creating a profile or using the site.

Automatic Approval

If you want to automatically approve all profiles, photos, galleries, audio and video, then you can set it to Auto Approve in the admin area.

Geography Editor

With the Geography Editor, you can isolate your dating site to a specific location by removing all the other Countries, States, Cities or keep them all. It’s up to you.

Premium Member

Now you can grant Premium Membership to anyone. Simply search for a user and extend their membership for any number of days. You can also cancel someone’s Premium Membership.

Flirt/Wink Management

In the Admin area, you define what Winks are available to your members. You can setup as many as you like. All of them appear as a drop down to the user when they want to send a Flirt/Wink to another member.

Blog Management

Because it’s WordPress, Blogs are built it. It’s that simple.

Custom Memberships

Now you can create Custom Memberships to allow access to certain features. There is no limit on the number of Custom Memberships you can create.

Banner System (Optional)

Want to add Banners to your dating site? Then use a optional Free plugin called Advertising Manager and put banners wherever you want. You can add banners of any size as well as Google Adsense.

Media Management

Via the Admin Area, you can set all media including photos, galleries, audio, video to manual approval or auto approval.

Force Profile Creation

Now when users register on your dating site, you can force them to create a profile before they can do anything on the site. This ensures that you get a good profile base.

User Management

Control the users from the User Management area. Got a pesky user? Then quickly remove them from your dating site. You can remove their profiles as well as their whole username.

Mass Emails

Send Mass Emails to all your members from the Admin Area.

Custom Member List

On the very front page, you can now specify what gender you want to display. You can display All the users or just Male or Female. It’s up to you.

Profile Management

Set all profiles to manual approval or auto-approval. Delete profiles you don’t want or simply remove the users profile to force them to create another one.

Demographics Report

Show all the stats of your site like total users, total women and total men.

Free Gender Email

Now you can set a specific gender to be able to email on the site for free. This is great for those dating sites that allow girls to be free. You can set the gender for who gets to do free emails when a site is not in free mode.

Stats Report

Report that shows all the Winks/Flirts that were sent. Total number of emails that have been sent. Total number of photos and total number of galleries and much more.

Accounting Report

Show all the money that you have made from your dating site.
Filter it by month or create a custom date range to show your dating site profits.

Rate My Profile

You can turn On/Off the Rate My Profile function. When it’s on, your users will be able to rate other users profiles.

Custom Memberships

Create any type of Membership Plans that you want. You set the name of it, the number of days and the price of that membership. Members will be able to choose from all the membership plans that you’ve created.

New Friend Alerts

Users now get alerts when other friends have added them to their friends list.

Currency Changer

Want to offer premium memberships in Euro format? Simply change the Currency for the site from $ to € or any other currency with one easy step.

PayPal Ready

No need to add any payment gateway. PayPal is integrated into the dating plugin. Simply provide your PayPal email address in the Admin Area and all payments your users make will go to your PayPal account. Users will be able to use a credit card or PayPal. It’s all integrated for you.

Matching Management

Control how the Matching Algorithm works. It’s all based on the profile drop down questions. Set one or set them all. It’s up to you.

Language Admin

All the language on the site has been moved from a text file to the database. You can now simply search for the word you want to replace. You can also add new text to your site as well.

Shopping Cart

Want to sell products or services on your dating site? Then add any number of free eCommerce Shopping Carts to your dating site. See demo for the shopping cart in action.

Thousands of Themes

Because it’s WordPress, you’re not limited to just a few themes. Not only do you have access to 73 Premium WordPress Themes in our Members Area, you also have access to thousands of free themes out on the Internet. The possibilities are endless.


For all those older version of the dating software, you can now rethumb all your images so that they look nicer. We have optimized the thumbnailing feature so that it makes the users images nicer.

Profile Generator

Don’t have any profiles? Then create them on the fly with the new Dating Profile Generator. Create as many as you like.

Userplane.com Core

Now the dating software comes with Live Video Instant Messenger. Here in the admin area you can setup your Userpalne.com Live Video Instant Messenger.

Userplane.com Settings

With the Userplane.com Live Video Instant Messenger, you can control who receives the chat requests. If your site is in free mode or paid, control who gets to use it.

Expiration Email

Now when your site is in Paid mode and a user’s membership is about to expire, a new email will be sent to them letting them know.

Thousands of Plugins

Because it’s WordPress, you also have access to thousands of plugins to enhance your new dating site. There are over 9000 free plugins in the wordpress.org repository. If you want it, it’s there for you.

Much Much More…
All the features you need in a dating site at your fingertips. Free upgrades and free support for as long as you own your site. No hidden fees.

Шаблоны — Templates

На сайте разработчика предлагается 76 шаблонов для сайта знакомств. Для доступа к ним предлагается зарегистрироваться на сайте разработчика, но при этом нигде не говорится о том, можно ли будет пользоваться этими шаблонами бесплатно или придется платить разработчику за каждый шаблон. Правда, на сайте разработчика написано о возможности использования с плагином обычных шаблонов для движка WordPress, но нигде не написано о том, на сколько устойчиво плагин будет работать с этими бесплатными темами без их «допилки».

Хостинг — Hosting

На сайте разработчика ничего не написано по поводу каких-то особенных требований к серверу, на котором работает сайт знакомств, использующий данный плагин. Вероятно, что требования к серверу аналогичны требованиям, предъявляемым к серверу, на которых размещаются сайты и блоги, созданные на движке WordPress.

Цены — Prices

Цена плагина: 149,00 $. Бесплатная поддержка и бесплатные обновления включены.

Plugin Price: $149.00. Free Support and Free Upgrades Included.

Демо — Demo

С демосайтом на основе WordPress Dating Plugin можно ознакомиться здесь.

Разработчик — Developer

Разработчик — A MyAllenMedia, LLC Company.

Вебсайт: http://www.datingsolutions.biz/

Портфолио — Portfolio

Сайты знакомств, созданные с помощью данного плагина, мне лично найти не удалось. На сайте разработчика плагина списка сайтов с установленным плагином тоже нет. Отсутствует на сайте разработчика и так называемое портфолио.


Отзывов о работе плагина в Сети мне лично найти не удалось. Возможно это связано с тем, что плагин работает отлично и поэтому никто из покупателей не жалуется, но возможно и другое — никто пока реально этот плагин на рабочих сайтах не устанавливал и поэтому отзывы о работе плагина просто некому писать. Вы можете купить этот плагин и первым отписаться о результатах его работы. 🙂

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